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HAUTTMAN Deep Discovery

This beautifully detailed looking diver is called the Deep Discovery from an online premium micro-brand known as Hauttman Watches.

I say online as up until now, Hauttman have only ever really existed on Facebook – however a full website is underway.

This is their proposed debut diver which is still in the works. It looks pretty cool.

I know very little about the Deep Discovery, in fact I cannot even confirm its name, but thought you guys might like to check it out.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write about this. It is one of the first offerings this year that has gotten me really excited (about a watch :p ). This looks pretty spectacular ... almost too good to be true. I just rec'd an email today that mentioned a pricepoint and the name "T3D2" alongside the "Deep Discovery" moniker. It would be great if yo could pester them and ask to get a hold of an early prototype when available.

  2. Thank you, Paul! I'll see what I can do. I'm always intrigued by something different. Stay tuned for more info.