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Anonimo have created some brightly colored Nautilos for the Summer!

While the Nautilo from the new Swiss owned Anonimo mightn’t quite be wining hearts and minds with fans of the original brand –

in isolation the Nautilo isn’t too terrible and with the addition of their new colorful versions, the watch at least has a little more appeal.

There are 4 different colors to choose from, each using color for the Nautilo bezel’s 15-min scale and 12hr marker, rehaut and seconds hand arrow-head counter-weight.

These color accents have been teamed with new textile striped NATO straps in: red, yellow, green or turquoise.

The red version actually belongs to the Nautio SAILING, while the turquoise version belongs to the recently released LEOPARD Edition. Both these models are mins the colored rehaut.


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