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Uylsse Nardin have released a new diver; it’s quite a departure from UN’s TYPICAL high-tech, over-designed style of dive watch - rather a vintage-inspired divers model that pays homage to their past.

It’s a handsome looking devil, too but has it got what it takes to compete with the slew of Swiss vintage-inspired divers that are also circulating the high-end dive watch market – is it bang on target or does it miss the mark?

As many a retro dive watch is, the new UN Le Locle Diver is inspired by one of UN’s historic models dating back to a time when scuba-diving was in its infancy, a pint of beer cost less than a cup of tea and yours truly was barely a twinkle in his father’s eye.

It’s a period in horological history that has been revisited more times than your local curry house and that’s because it’s spawned arguably some of the best looking dive watches ever – I’m taking of course about the 60s.

The exact date in the case of the new Le Locle Diver was 1964, a period of time that many of the watch’s fine aesthetic features are owed to. As you would quite rightly expect – while the outside recalls the good ol’ days – its insides are pure 2017.

Powering it is a self-winding UN-320 manufacture movement with a Silicium escapement and hairspring, and a power-reserve of 48hrs. The Le Locle Diver and its movement have undergone a stringent Ulysse Nardin certification process.

Housing the UN-320 is a 42.2mm is a Stainless steel case which has been fitted with a fluted, unidirectional rotational diver’s bezel with a black inlay plus an anti-reflective Sapphire crystal. The watch has 100 meters of water-resistance – oh well!

Vintage-colored orange SLN has been used for the hands and hour-markers. It’s a pity that the hour-markers aren’t applique with chromed boarders. I would like to know what material the bezel inlay is made from too – shame that the 12hr bezel pip is only filled and not framed.

The case-back of the Le Locle Diver boasts a unique engraving of a diver navigating the depths of the sea. It is presented on a sailcloth strap with a steel buckle. So what do you think? Its price will be a crucial factor for most buyers who have a lot to compare it to.


  1. Absolutely love the design, and a sub second diver with date is pretty much my wish list ticked off.

    BUT $14,000 with only 100m depth rating?! Crazy talk!!

    Also it appears we have yet another company using blue AR on a vintage peice... I genuinely don't understand this as it completely ruins the look, especially when they've gone to so much effort to make everything else 100% true to the vintage vibe.

    At that price it's not like they couldn't afford the little extra for a colourless AR coating.

    That ruins it for me, so i guess I'll just have on to that spare 14k i had in my wallet for now ;)

  2. Some great points especially regarding the AR tint. There are so many other great propositions out there that are better and cheaper imho. ;)

  3. i am a scuba diver.even my best free diver friends do not go deeper than 100 everyday.100 meters are more than enough.it is kind like a cellphone, people asks for power as strong as a desktop,but all they do is messaging and watching porns.

  4. according to industry standards, 100m isn't suitable for scuba. I wouldn't dive with anything rated less than 200m as it imho wouldn't be up to the job - irrespective of my depth. :)