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ORIS Aquis STAGHORN Restoration L.E.

Based on the latest generation of AQUIS here’s a dive watch with a unique way of keeping track of the days of the week while saving our precious coral reefs – you know, for those of us that love the ocean but have trouble remembering what day it is!

And once again, Oris have committed themselves to the conservation of our oceans in particular the preservation of our declining coral reefs – especially the iconic Staghorn coral which is currently being restored in the tens of thousands with the help of organizations like the Coral Restoration Foundation –

a non-profit conservation organization working to preserve the world’s coral reefs which have already been damaged beyond repair through bleaching, over-fishing and careless tourism, with two-thirds of what remains also under threat.

The Aquis Staghorn Restoration dive watch has been produced in partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation. Oris will be supporting its vital work through sales of this new Aquis diver, which is limited to 2000 pieces.

The Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition is part of the sleeker next-generation Aquis collection launched earlier this year, and has a number of special features.

The first is its use of color. The dial is dark blue, while key indications, including the central seconds hand and the bezel’s 12hr marker on the minute-scale are in bright orange - chosen to both reflect the color of Staghorn coral, and because orange is one of the most visible colors in the low-light conditions found underwater.

The dial is characterized by special day and date indications. The day is shown through a series of seven apertures cut into a circle running around the inner part of the dial, each of which fills with orange on the appropriate day. The date which is also in orange is positioned at 6 o’clock.

As with all divers in the new Aquis collection, the Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition features an automatic mechanical movement and a unidirectional rotational divers bezel with a ceramic inlay and dive-time scale. This model has a 43.5mm Stainless steel case and is water-resistant to 300 meters.

Its caseback sports a Staghorn coral motif embossed in relief along with the watch’s limited edition number. Its presentation box has also an insignia on the inside featuring the Staghorn coral and is made using environmentally friendly regenerative algae.

The Aquis Staghorn Restoration has a Swiss retail price of 2000CHF on a rubber or 2200CHF on metal.

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