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GRAND SEIKO Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m DIVERs +LE

Here’s a totally new concept from Grand Seiko, their very first divers watch that is capable of being used for saturation diving - introducing the all new Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Divers and Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Divers LE from Grand Seiko.

Seiko are no strangers to the world of SAT diving ; both current and past Prospex collections of professional divers watches have always featured a number of divers models that have were engineered so that they could be used for deep sea saturation diving.

The thing that makes Seiko so unique is that their SAT diving models do not feature the traditional Rolex SD-style Helium Escape Valve, nor indeed do they use any kind of manual or automatic valve for expelling Helium from the watch case.

They are instead so perfectly sealed that there is no opportunity for the tiny Helium molecules to enter the watch case in the first place. The only other dive watch brand that I know of that also boasts HEV free SAT divers are UTS of Germany.

The Hi-Beat 3600 Pro 600 Divers has been designed to meet the most demanding challenges of the ocean; Grand Seiko’s Professional diver’s watch combines both high accuracy and the reliability that the serious diver requires. As its name suggests, it is designed for saturation diving to a depth of 600m.

Its Titanium case also offers exceptional levels of anti-magnetism, a high beat movement with 55 hours of power-reserve and a construction that is designed to defy the elements; it is a dive watch that performs to the same level as any one of Seiko Prospex’s most capable divers while offering performance above and beyond with its Hi-Beat movement.

Distinctive clean edges appearing in a complex polyhedron and a distortion-free mirror surface were created by Seiko experts using Zaratsu polishing techniques of the type employed for polishing the blades of Samurai swords so that the watch case despite being built for the depths has the all the beautiful aesthetic characteristics that one would expect to find on a Grand Seiko.

Grooves on the rotational divers bezel ensure a firm grip even when manipulated with a with thick divers gloves. The bezel has excellent operability with a unique non-slip knurled finish. Each groove has been carefully finished, making it easy to grip and polished to be pleasing to the eye. Luminous markers at ten second intervals ensure legibility even down in the murky depths.

The dial has been made of pure iron in order create a Faraday cage to protect the movement from the harmful effects of magnetism and allows for up to 16, 000 A/m of magnetic resistance. In addition to safe and secure use during diving, every-day usability is also assured.

Each and every component has been built to last, however all divers know that their dive watch needs regular maintenance, just like any other piece of diving gear on which their life may depend. This is why even the case, stem and crown are designed for secure servicing and even the bezel has a four-part design that allows for easy disassembly and re-assembly.

The divers bracelet has a sliding divers extension setting to accommodate pressure changes that would be encountered in the deep. Moreover, the use of high intensity Titanium allows the links to be thick, strong and corrosion-resistant while still light and comfortable to wear.

 The dial and strap of the limited edition are made in the exclusive color that signifies craftsmanship and tradition in Japan and is the signature color of Grand Seiko.

 The Limited Edition comes with an extra-strength silicone divers strap alongside the high-intensity Titanium bracelet. The strap is colored in the deep Grand Seiko blue so that it matches the dial. Both the strap and bracelet can be swapped between each other with ease.

The 9S85 high beat movement is designed, made, assembled, adjusted and tested at the Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio in Japan. This remarkable workshop is home to all Grand Seiko mechanical watch production. Each movement is tested individually before being built into its case and protected by the L-shaped seals that the company invented to ensure impermeability to dust, water and Helium gas.


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