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ENNEBI seimila metri

We finally have an official name for Ennebi’s highly anticipated extreme diver PROJECT. Introducing the Ennebi Seimila Metri, a name that relates directly (in Italian) to its 6000 meters of water-resistance.

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of watches with high levels of water-resistance on OceanicTime, but I think what separates the Ennebi Seimila from say watches like the HELBERG CH1, a fine example in itself of a 600 meter diver –

is that the Seimila metri has been hand engineered from the ground up by arguably one of the watch industry’s leading dive watch specialists, Alessandro Bettarin, a former Panerai engineer responsible for creating the legendary Mille Metri – who has lovingly incorporated some very special features into the overall design.

Take for example the massive housing that surrounds the watch’s Sapphire crystal or the specialist specialist crown compression device that the Seilmila Metri’s 49mm Grade 5 Titanium case is endowed with. This is certainly going the extra mile or should that be thousand meters.

Another very special feature of the watch is that, Ennebi for the very first time have a custom silicone divers strap complete with G5 Ti components, the strap which will be available in several colors is long enough to be worn over a divers wetsuit.

It can be ordered separately – imagine if it could be retrofitted to other models such as the Fondale!


  1. Lexxxxxxx! This is SO gorgeous. I'm in love. Can't wait to see this in the rubber and the metal! Very excited!

  2. Yeah, I'm also smitten! They've outdone themselves, here! ;)

  3. how to buy the watch of ENNEBI seimila metri.