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LUMINOX Scott Cassell UVP 3059 SET

This is the UVP 3059, a model in the Luminox Scott Cassel Specials collection. As an expert counter-terrorism operative and a consummate undersea explorer, someone who faces danger head-on; Scott has grown to rely on Luminox divers watches as part of his essential diving gear.

However, Scott’s undersea adventures are undertaken with solid commitment towards one single goal - the protection of the world's oceans and their inhabitants. Luminox shares Scott Cassell's concern for the viability of the oceans, and is honored to partner with him by helping to fund both of his organizations, Sea Wolves and Underwater Voyager Project.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the 1526 Deep Dive Special Scott Cassell and the 3059.SET Faststrap Special Scott Cassell will go to support those organizations. The funds generated will help Cassell continue his work of exploring and protecting the world's oceans.

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