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Here’s another (in-depth) look at the Davosa APNEA Diver Automatic, which just happens to be one the first ever divers watches designed specifically for use by freedivers.

After several months of anticipation, it has finally been officially released in an initial Limited Series of 200 pieces.

The Apnea Diver Auto was developed in close collaboration with five World record holder, Nik Linder who also holds records for:

distance diving under ice, the longest apnea dive suspended from the ceiling with his head in an aquarium and would you believe it – for the longest underwater kiss!

The Apnea Diver Automatic was designed to assist Nik with his training thanks to features such as the multi-colored ring around its dial.

The blue, white and red colors replicate an internationally recognized breathing exercise in freediving:

A breath is taken during the five-second blue phase, during the white phase it is held for 15 seconds and then during the red phase the air is slowly expelled over a period of 10 seconds.

With the help of this color code, the freediver can concentrate fully on this vital breathing exercise without needing to count or use a stopwatch.

In order to take advantage of the specially color-coded ring, the watch must be held in an upright position for these breathing exercises –

The Apnea Diver Automatic offers the perfect solution, and is thus a watertight professional freediving instrument.

By simply unscrewing the crown at 3 o’clock, the middle section of its slightly curved, 42mm Stainless steel case can be removed.

And thanks to a hinged ring that is attached to the middle section, the diver can now safely stand the remaining watch case while performing breathing exercises.

Nik Linder added a further feature to the Apnea Diver Automatic: in contrast to scuba diving where the minute hand is vital for safe an accurate time-reading, in freediving it’s all about the seconds.

This is why the second hand of the Apnea Automatic with its large a red tip is now the most prominent hand ensuring exact reading of the seconds at all times.

The DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic is powered by a reliable Swiss SW 200 automatic movement which is housed in a 20 ATM water-resistant case.

Time can be read via the bezel with its rotatable ring. The colored ring on the outer edge of the dial is additionally divided into seconds.

And the hands and Arabic figures are naturally coated with SuperLumiNova, so the DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic remains readable even with poor underwater visibility.

The watch comes in three different versions: with a satin-finished and scratch-resistant Stainless steel case and black dial (998€) or alternatively with a completely PVD black coated case (1048€).

In addition to these there is a third version with a Stainless steel case in combination with a black PVD coated bezel and crowns (1098€).

Each set also includes a second interchangeable strap, which is also made from wearable, lightweight and water-resistant rubber.

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