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JS Watch Co. Sif - N.A.R.T. & BEN STILLER

Any Ben Stiller fans, here? Who saw the “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? If you did, you probably already knew that much of the breathtaking scenery in the film was actually shot on location in Iceland.

Yes, even the places that you thought were in the wilds of Afghanistan, frozen Greenland or the Himalayas where all shot in Iceland. Apart from its stunning landscape and being home to the football team that sent the England squad packing from Euro 2016 with their tails between their legs, Iceland is also home to a pretty special watch company called, JS Watch Co. –

who were lucky enough to have the American actor, comedian and filmmaker, Ben Stiller stop buy their workshop in downtown Reykjavik when he recently visited Iceland. So what did he pick up? Well it isn’t a diver per se, but it has a water-resistance of a 1000 meters.

His watch of choice was the Sif N.A.R.T a classicly-styled rescue watch that was specially designed by JS Watch Co. for the Icelandic Coast Guard. It has a 40mm bushed steel case with a black dial with Arabic, a Swiss Made Mechanical movement “Execution Top” with automatic winding, 25 jewels, custom decorations, blue screws and a Rhodium plated finish.

Liked this? Check out the MESH version of the Sif N.A.R.T, see the Sif N.A.R.T in action with Jens Johnson on a 160M deep sea dive!

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