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H2O Watches ORCA Dive BRONZE

By TLex It’s time to get bronzed up again with H2O! Today H2O Watches have launched a new Bronze Orca model –

the Orca Dive Bronze which works with H2O’s modular case system that allows you to completely change the look and feel of your watch by simply exchanging the outer case.

Although H2O are no strangers to Bronze, this will be their first ORCA model made from Bronze!

Outer case, bezel, crown and inner case are all made from Red Copper Bronze while the caseback remains in Stainless steel.

The first 50 pieces of the H2O ORCA Dive Bronze will be delivered with a special Premium Package which includes:

- a free upgrade from an ETA 2824 to highly a decorated ETA 2892 worth 150€

- a free original black ISOfrane divers strap included with an ISOfrane buckle worth 100€

- a free MADDOG black shark strap included with a Maddog Bronze buckle worth 230 €

- a free black HORWEEN strap with H2O CNC Bronze buckle worth 150€

The total value of this special premium package is 630€!

The H2O ORCA Dive Bronze will be available in fixed configuration with that includes: a high-gloss black dial without date window and chromed handset,

a 4mm-high domed Sapphire crystal, a Sapphire display caseback. Three different bronze bezels are available.

ORCA Dive Bronze is priced 950 and comes on green canvas strap with an H2O CNC Bronze buckle.

All the ORCA Dive Bronze’s parts and movements are already in stock; delivery of the ORCA starts May 1st 2016.

Follow the link HERE to order yours . . .

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  1. Is this supposed to be a Homage to UTS? Those lugs and the hex screws look identical to UTS, strange design.