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EDOX Chronoffshore-1 ICEDIVE

By TLex Some cool news from EDOX about the ICEMAN, champion free diver, Christian Redl, who on Friday February 26th set a World Record after taking a bone-chilling dive under a frozen alpine lake.

Timing was critical for Christian’s successful passage 200 meters beneath the ice of Lake Weissensee, high up in the Austrian Alps as he swam without oxygen equipped only with a 2mm-thick Neoprene wetsuit that helped to insulate him from the frigid 2°C water and of course -

his 45mm, black PVD coated Chronoffshore-1, a watch that has been engineered to withstand the most extreme of conditions; itself equipped with: a 3mm thick Sapphire crystal, a black ceramic bezel and 500 meters water-resistance.

The watch offered excellent legibility thanks to its striking yellow-green markers that includes a prominent oversized 1 o’clock marker which in combination with its modern black dial helped the Iceman keep track of time down in the murky depths.

Christian’s ice dive was an extremely dangerous undertaking; rescue crews were close at hand at all times in case anything went wrong, but it was exactly the type of adventure that EDOX and the ICEMAN have been thriving off of since their partnership begun in 2010.

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