By TLex Here are few pictures of the Poseidon OceanicTime SPECIAL EDITION prototype watch.

There are a few minor changes that are going to be made such as the minute hand which should have been in black.

Actually I quite like the brushed finish of the minute hand used in this prototype but am sure the all black version will be a little more dramatic.

Another change that will be made is the use of BGW9 SNL for the OceanicTime diver icon which will be in keeping with the last Prometheus / OceanicTime collaboration.

One shot that is absent from these is one of the caseback with the engraved OT diver icon, hopefully will be able to get you a nice shot when we revive the next prototype.

Liked this? Check out some of the previous OT Special Edition watches: MEGALODON, MANTA RAY, MONO, KALMAR II 8K, X-DIVER . . .

The Prometheus Poseidon OceanicTime SE is limited to just 30 pieces; follow the link HERE to reserve yours (subject to availability).

Not digging this special version? Why not check out the regular Poseidon STEEL and BRONZE versions!

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