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SQUALE 50 ATMOS Originale OPACO Limited Edition

By TLex Woo hoo, gotta love this bezel! This is the Squale 50 ATMOS Originale Opaco Limited Edition, a watch that borrows its design cues and techniques from the original 1960s 50ATMOS hence the name!

Key features of the watch include: a case specially treated by Squale to make it non-reflective. The watch's color is somewhere between Titanium and aluminum. Remaining faithful to the original design, this is no logo case at 9 o'clock and fitted with a special bezel.

The unidirectional 60-click bezel has a unique bezel insert that was first seen on a German military spec Bund watch that Squale made. I believe that Blancpain also made one called the Fifty Fathoms 3H in the 70s.

The black bezel insert of 50 ATMOS Originale Opaco LE is made using proprietary material to give it a non-reflective surface that is also textured allowing for better gripe while operating under wet conditions.

The special pyramid 3-dimensional luminous pip on the black insert glows in the same light orange hue as the rest of the dial. The screwdown crown located at 4 o'clock has also been specially anti-reflective treated.

The watch’s dial has been handmade using traditional watchmaking methods and artistry from the 60s. The orange luminous on the dials is applied by hand in coat after coat making them 3-dimensional. Each and every dial is unique and different. It has a handmade and hand finished quality that like a beautiful piece of art.

It comes with a new tropic rubber strap made with materials used for diving techniques that allow high strength and durability, but with a design that allows continuous flow of air so that it can keep the skin dry without impacting on the ergonomics of the strap itself. The materials used in the strap are also designed specifically to resist UV rays and salt corrosion.

The SQUALE 50 ATMOS Originale OPACO Limited Edition is made in Switzerland and powered by a Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. It is available form GNOMON Watches priced 960USD.

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