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By TLex Linde Werdelin have gone back to the drawing board with their 2014 Oktopus MoonLITE; creating a new brighter and whiter version of the ALW constructed diver, known as the Oktopus MoonLite White, which promises to be even more special than its predecessor.

Starting with the watch’s new bezel, which is in a white ceramic with a circular satin finish rather than typical gloss finish that we have come to expect from ceramic;

then the dial which has been redesigned so that it has even more open-work skeletonization allowing for more of the watch’s mechanical elements such as the seconds aperture - to be on view.

Furthermore, this allows the wearer to see more phases of the moon, so that they can plan even further ahead for the full moon, which is really what the Oktopus moon phase watches are all about!

The in-house moonphase complication sits within a five-layer dial made up of the elements with varying finishes, a small but significant detail.

For instance, the spaces between the photorealistic phases of the moon are filled with a perlage effect, representative of the stars in the night sky, sparkling as they catch the light perfectly.

The chromatophoric properties of the Oktopus MoonLite White are a feature of its ALW case. ALW, or Alloy Linde Werdelin, an aerospace material, will absorb light from its surroundings and subtly reflect them back unto the world, helping it seamlessly adapt to its environment much like its deep-sea dwelling namesake, the octopus.

The Oktopus MoonLite – White will be available in a limited and numbered series of 59 pieces priced at CHF 18,000, excluding VAT, from 15th October 2015.

If the new MoonLite White is a little bit too feminine for your tastes – why not check out LW’s manly Oktopus FROGMAN made in collaboration with the Danish Special Forces Frogman.

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