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H2O Watches Kalmar II MOKUME GANE [Feudal Japan meets Modern Germany]

Look what H2O Watches have just released for pre-order! A jaw-dropping new Mokume Gane version of their latest deep diver, the Kalmar II.

While the Kalmar II MG leans heavily towards the exotic side of the dive watch industry with its complex multi-layered Mokume Gane case, which incidentally is one of, if not the only cases of its kind currently being used in the watch industry, today -

6000 meters * of water-resistance is just about as extreme as dive watches get, too! And just in case you still weren’t quite convinced of its nautical origins or diving pedigree, there’s a stunning a black MOP (mother of pearl) dial and an assortment of divers bezels to suit all tastes to pair with your Kalmar II MG. [*model depending]

So what exactly is Mokume Gane, I hear you ask?! Well, Mokume Gane (木目金), which translates from Japanese as ‘wood grain’ metal is produced using a specialist mixed-metal lamination process with its origins dating back to 17th-century Feudal Japan,

when it was invented by Denbei Shoami for sword fittings at a time when the decline of the katana industry had forced artisans to create purely decorative items. A successful lamination using a traditional process requires a highly skilled master sword-maker, even today.

H2O Watches have configured a choice of no less than 24 different variants of the Kalmar II MG each with its own distinct look.

Whether it be the minimalist elegance of the 3000m fixed bezel version or the rugged aggression of the 6000m version with its black ceramic inlay and protruding Sapphire crystal, the Kalmar II Mokume Gane is going to be a real attention grabber.

However if you are looking for the versions that best showcases this remarkable material then choose one of the 6000m versions sporting a turbine bezel with its widely carved blades that will allow you to clearly see each of the golden and silver layers of copper and steel in all their glory – truly breathtaking!

Prices start from 2499USD exc. VAT. Follow the link HERE for H2O Watches online store and Kalmar II Mokume Gane pre-order page.

6000M not deep enough? Check THIS and THIS out!

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