H2O Kalmar II OceanicTime X-DIVER

By TLex Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the abyss! Here's a sneak peek at an experimental version of the Kalmar II that was commissioned for OceanicTime.

OceanicTime and H2O Watches will be teaming up once again, this time for a crack at the title for the world's deepest mechanical wristwatch! We will be descending to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in a specially designed deep sea submersible to conduct real-time oceanic testing of the X-DIVER which will be beamed across the world via OceanicTimeTV's satellite link!

Okay, that might not be strictly true - it's a lovely dream; however we aren't on a Rolex budget, here, but what we will do is test the watch to destruction at a leading German research company that is the only facility of its type in Germany capable of pressure testing to 4000 bar (~ 40'000M of water-resistance)!

Specification of the Kalmar II OceanicTime X-DIVER at a glance: Grade 5 Titanium case, 12.5mm thick Sapphire crystal, black ceramic bezel, gloss black dial with chromed minute hand, markers and logos, ETA 2892.

Got crystal?! For reference, the Rolex Deepsea CHALLENGE watch has a 14.3mm thick Sapphire crystal, the Helberg CH1 has a 15mm spherical Sapphire crystal and this is what a 9MM crystal looks like when it hasn’t been shrouded by a chunky divers bezel!

Love it or hate it; the Kalmar II OceanicTime X-DIVER is one of only two pieces – no further pieces are planned. I'm off to collect mine now! 


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