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RALF TECH WR1 [equipment for World Record diving]

By TLex RALF TECH are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the WR1, the dive watch that was worn for the World Record deepest unassisted scuba dive, where a record of negative 330 meters was achieved by the French diver, Pascal Bernabé in Corsica on the 5th of July 2005.

The record remained unbroken for almost a decade, until it was finally beaten by a mere 2.35 meters in 2014!

Form a purely horological point of view, the WR1 used for the record in 2005 was the very first RALF TECH dive watch ever produced in series.

It remains to this day, the only production dive watch to have been tested in real world conditions at such an extreme depth (for humans). No submersibles or robotic arms - but worn as part of a scuba divers equipment.

This WR1 was the starting point of the Maison Horlogere RALF TECH. Its DNA has subsequently created and influenced every RALF TECH model that has followed it.

RALF TECH would like to invite OceanicTime readers to discover / re-discover, its history on their WEBSITE . . .

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