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Soccer, Samba, bronzed babes in micro bikinis on Copacabana beach - I'm talking about Brazil. But did you know that the Brazilians were also responsible for making one of the deepest mechanical divers on the planet!

This is the 8000 meter water-resistant, Acqua 800 ATM from Technos, along with the H2O Kalmar II OceanicTime SE 8000M, it is one of only two (readily available) production deep divers with such a massive depth rating.

Wanna go deeper than that, and you're looking at north of 7000 euro for the Vintage-VDB DEEP SEA of which only 11 pieces are currently being made, 6 of which (SE versions) will cost you the best part of 12000euro (ouch!).

Meanwhile, a far more reasonable 2880BRL (its sale price), the equivalent of around 920USD will get you this 47mm x 28mm Titanium constructed, Brazilian Beast; so let's find out a little bit more about it. Actual MSRP is 3388BRL (1097USD).

If you aren't familiar with Technos, they are large producer of fashion watches with their production in China. Their Acqua range includes a really solid 3000 meter model that shares some of its basic deep diving attributes with the Delma Santiago BLUE SHARK as well as the CX 20,000ft.

To qualify the Acqua 800 ATM, as one of the only mechanical dive watches with the technology capable of reaching 8000 meters, the Acqua was subjected to the most rigorous and innovative strength tests with simulated water-pressure at 8,000 meters in a hyperbaric chamber, certified and approved by the Oceanographic Institute Ifremer, located in Brest, France.

After 3 years of research and development, the Acqua 800 ATM was developed with a specific ‘air-filled’ technology (meaning that it has been sealed to such an extent that it is completely airtight and retaining the same atmospheric pressure as the surface much like a deep sea submersible – resulting in a watch that is inherently tougher and more durable.

The crown mechanism of the Acqua 800 ATM is designed with triple seals, which precisely ensure the impermeability of the watch. It also has a threaded caseback with a special seal capable of withstanding a pressure of up to 10 tons!

Below 500 meters deep, the sun's rays are unable to penetrate the water, resulting in total darkness. The Acqua 800 ATM becomes readable even in low light areas thanks to luminescent hands and indicators that emit a green light, so I’m presuming it’s C3 SLN.

Powering the Acqua 800ATM is Japanese made Miyota mechanical self-winding movement. I couldn’t tell you if it’s an 8215 or 9015, though.

The bracelet is in Titanium, which is extremely suitable for withstanding and resisting the ocean depths – it is also corrosion-resistant – as well as being highly durable against the elements from the seabed. Moreover, it is 45% lighter than steel.


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