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By TLex Introducing the new Ocean One Vintage Dual Time, STEINHART's take on the legendary PanAm Rolex GMT,

a wristwatch that was developed by Rolex in 1954 to meet the needs of transatlantic pilots,

who were for the first time in need of a watch that was able to show a second time-zone in addition to their local time - and with the ability to display these two different time-zones at a single glance.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary timepiece, STEINHART have designed the Ocean One Vintage Dual Time,

a compact 300 ATM sports watch featuring a second time-zone (dual time) as well as a date complication that displays the odd days in black and the even days in red.

I am sure you are already familiar with the characteristics of the Ocean One Vintage with its solid Stainless steel case and highly domed Sapphire crystal,

which by all accounts is one of, if not the best selling models from STEINHART.

However this latest version of the Ocean One offers something above and beyond in terms of aesthetics -

with a stunning shimmering gray to beige toned dial that has been superimposed by a radial gradient -

extending from dark to light as it moves inwards towards the center of the dial enhancing the vintage character of this extraordinary watch.

The markers and hands have been generously applied with a luminous color that with its natural ecru tone,

perfectly mimics the appearance of aged Radium or Tritium, once again furthering the historic character of the watch.

But the Ocean One Vintage Dual Time isn't just a pretty face; it is proudly powered by a new Swiss movement,

developed by Soprod, the SOP A10-24h, which drives all four hands as well as the two-tone date wheel.

The second time-zone can be adjusted individually by either the fourth hand, painted in red with a small arrowhead or by setting the unidirectional rotational timing-bezel, which features a two-tone 'Pepsi' aluminum inlay with a 24-hour scale.

Like its A10 sibling, the A10-24h also boasts an impresses level of detailed decoration, which has been additionally crowned with STEINHART's custom gilt and skeletonized rotor.

And thanks to a Sapphire crystal exhibition caseback there is no doubt that the Ocean One Vintage Dual Time's backside is just as pleasing to gaze upon as its face ;)

Follow the link HERE to order yours now while you can!

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