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CLERC Hydroscaph goes DIVING

By TLex Thought I'd share some cool Clerc news and diving content with everyone.

Clerc did two pieces on scuba diving for last week - each of them covering, one of their professional underwater photographers, Chris Parsons and Chris Leidy.

Both of these amazing guys keep bringing back gorgeous underwater content that I'm sure everyone will enjoy;

it's certainly something a different from the usual artificial studio shot photos that we see from most of the other brands!

For these particular shoots CLERC used the famed CHY-585 AKA The Clockwork Orange Central Chronograph, the CHY-117 with Steel Case and Black Rubber, and the H1-4R.2.5 with a red rubber strap.

Lemme know what you think? If you like these, I have plenty more. ;-)

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