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EDOX Hydro-Sub 50th Anniversary LE (green is the new orange)

By TLex EDOX's HYDRO-SUB was (imho) one of the hottest new Swiss divers of 2014. I can’t say that Edox watches have ever particularly moved me; I do like their association with the ICEMAN, Christian Redl and his ice-diving adventures – they’re seriously cool, but their watches have always been a little too shopping mall for me.

Having said that, the Hydro-Sub promised to be a watch that would perhaps get serious dive watch enthusiasts and collectors interested in the Edox brand. It is pretty far removed from anything else that Edox have produced over the last few years and could perhaps even be likened (in feel) to something like a PLOPROF.

For 2015, Edox who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary have decided to mix-things up a little with a striking new anniversary edition that swaps the Hydro-Sub's bright orange ‘MasterLock’ crown-locking device for a new marine blue one with sea green text and a matching sea green sweep-seconds indicator that looks stunning against the color-phase black into blue dial (now, where have we seen something SIMILAR to that before?).

Rewind 50yrs to 1965, when the first Hydro-Sub was released, it set a new standard for deep dive watches with an impressive (for the time) 500 meters of water-resistance. I don’t think the first 1000m diver was released until the end of the 60s / early 70s.

The Hydro-Sub LE, like the original, is water-resistant to 500m. Further divers features include: a screwdown crown with double o-ring gasket, a screwdown, engraved caseback with a view of the earth as seen from the North Pole and the watch’s individual number out of 515 –

a unidirectional rotational divers bezel, made from steel and aluminum and Edox’s MasterLock, an ingenious yet simple to operate, mechanism on the bezel at 2 o’clock that slides across to protect the crown during a dive..

An essential piece of equipment for world champion free diver, Christian Redl’s latest ice-diving expedition, where he will fight mind-numbing temperatures down to -40C, the Hydro-Sub is powered by an automatic movement (based on the SW 200).

The unique, challenging expedition to the frozen wastes of the North Pole where Christian, who will be accompanied by Australian photographer -

Marcus Fillinger (also equipped with a Hydro-Sub) will make the world’s first free-dive (without breathing gear) under the Arctic ice cap. Redl, and Australian photographer Marcus Fillinger, will trek from northern Canada to the geographic North Pole.

The Hydro-Sub Automatic Limited Edition (515 pieces worldwide) is presented in a special box which includes a tool for strap changes between the Stainless steel bracelet an a hypo-allergenic rubber divers strap. .

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