PROMETHEUS Poseidon 3500M

Introducing the Prometheus Poseidon, a first for the Portuguese watch company that is among the best that there currently are in the boutique dive watch sector.

Not only is it the first bronze diver that they have produced - boasting a CuSn8 bronze constructed case, but at 3500 meters, it is also their deepest model to date!

At first glance, it is hard to ignore the similarities between the Prometheus Poseidon and the previous generation of IWC Aquatimers; it is very much reminiscent of them.

However its design is also owed to other divers models particularly those of the 60s and 70s. Design heritage aside, the Poseidon is one the most affordable bronze constructed deep divers that there are on the market, today

- and one that is in the style of a very good looking high-end dive watch that is no longer in production.

And with an impressive catalog of features, too! A Sapphire crystal bezel inlay, a luminous dive-time scale, an automatic HEV and a Japanese made Miyota 9015 automatic movement.

Needless to say that the Poseidon will shouldn't have too much difficulty finding its way into our watch collections!

There are a total of 10 different versions of the Poseidon available - 5 in CuSn8 bronze and 5 in 316L steel. Dial colors include: black and blue with bezel colors in black with either - blue, orange, green or white.

Prometheus have officially started pre-order of the Poseidon 3500M. They have a number of different purchasing options available including a fantastic deal for those that pay up front -

plus a special pre-order incentive of a free Hirsch rubber divers strap and a free calf leather strap with a custom made CuSn8 bronze buckle.

The pre-order period will run from November 2014 until January 31st 2015 with expected delivery dates of mid June 2015 (delays permitting).

Pre-order details plus full specifications of the Prometheus Poseidon can be found HERE. Specifications are subject to change until the prototype has been approved.

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