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RALF TECH WRX «T» Millenium HYBRID for Nageurs de COMBAT

By TLex RALF TECH were sponsors of a very special event that took place this summer. On the 23rd of July the French Navy celebrated the official issue of their 1000th Combat Diver Certificate for the Marine Nationale.

An official ceremony was held at the l’École de Plongée du Marine Nationale in Saint-Mandrier in Vars, opposite the harbor of Toulon - with French heads of state and high ranking military officials present.

Founded in 1952, the French Navy Diving School trains France’s Elite Special Forces for submarine operations on behalf of the Commando Hubert and the DGSE, the French secret service.

RALF TECH have been a proud supplier to the French Special Forces since 2010 providing dive watches to the units of the Nageurs de Combat , who this year were issued with the WRX « T » Millenium Hybrid, a new RALF TECH divers model, designed and developed especially for them.

Among those present, who had contributed to the history of the Nageurs de Combat were the creators of the l’École de Plongée du Marine Nationale, Bob Maloubier and Claude Riffaud, who both received their new WRX "T" Millenium watches from the hands of RALF TECH President, Frank Huyghe.

Condensing all of the brand’s technology and know-how, the WRX « T » Millenium was developed with the help of the operators of the Marine Nationale, and is primarily intended for intense military use.

Starting with its case, which has been constructed from Grade 1 Titanium T35, which is 99.8% pure - specifically chosen to accompany the members of the French Special Forces as it offers ideal technical characteristics such as increased resistance and elevated ductility under extreme conditions.

Grade 1 Titanium is also used in the petrochemical and engineering industries as well as in the production of aircraft because of its optimal deformability. It also offers exceptional resistance to corrosion from seawater and so is used in marine and off-shore environments making it a natural choice for RALF TECH!

It has a density of 4,51g/cm3 compared with Stainless steels 7,9g/cm3 o making it 40% lighter, a great benefit for a divers watch such as new WRX « T » Millenium. Its bio compatibility is also far better than that of Stainless steel as it is hypoallergenic and so provides greater safety and comfort for the skin.

Finally, another feature of this metal is that it develops a unique patina over time on its surface, without any doubt in a few years, all of the WRX "T" Millenium will look different from one another which guarantees their owner with complete uniqueness and exclusivity.

A divers bezel in the same Titanium T35 as the case is fitted to the watch. It has a Ceramfine® insert (an innovative alloy consisting of 92% Titanium Grade 4 and 8% ceramic) giving it a particularly attractive characteristic while maintain a high torsional resistance with regards to shocks.

In addition a specific surface treatment helps protect the bezel from a host of external aggressive substances such as saltwater, sweat, solvents, petrochemicals and acids making it perfectly resistant to fingerprints.

The unidirectional divers bezel rotates counter-clockwise against the movement of the hands, so that accidental shocks don’t affect or change the accuracy of the measurement of the dive-time. Further divers features include; a water resistance to the equivalent of 1000 meters that has been duly tested in real conditions.

The WRX « T » Millenium is powered by the latest generation Hybrid RTH002® movement, itself protected by an anti-magnetic shield that complies with Swiss Watch Industry standards (NIHS) 90-10.

Thanks to two latest generation accumulators of energy it’s possible to store a power reserve of up to 180 days inside the WRX « T » Millenium. This means that the watch can continue to work when fully charged for up to 6 months after the last time it was used. This constitutes a record for a watch without a battery.

If Hybrids aren’t your thing, the WRX « T » Millenium can also be had with a RALF TECH Automatic Movement, the RTA002®.

The Marine Nationale and the DGSE chose to equip their operators watches with the ultra reliable and effective Hybrid RTH002® movement; beside the hybrid version, the watch will be also available on sale to the general public with an automatic movement before the end of 2014.

The WRX « T » Millenium has been already operational since the 23rd July and will be available to the general public in RALF TECH boutiques in a limited edition of 77 pieces from September 2014. The reference fro this new model is WRX 1005.

- Hybrid Ref. WRX 1005 RRP: 2490€ 55 piece LE
- Auto Ref. WRX 4001 RRP: 3490€ 22 piece LE
- Auto Ref. WRX 4002 RRP: 3490€ 11 piece LE

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