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By TLex Here's a first look at a cool upcoming project from a new boutique label called, Stuckx. The RocK with its brawny charms was designed to be a little extreme looking, something that would get noticed.

Here are a few early details – everything is subject to change. The case will be Titanium measuring 54mm in diameter at its base and 45mm at the top of its bezel. The height from wrist level to top is 21mm.

Of the Rock’s special features are dual helium escape valves. Yes, they’re pretty much a superfluous design feature if you aren’t a SAT diver, but they're also ‘oh so cool’!

Further features include: a 6mm thick crystal, 100 bar of water-resistance and an automatic movement. The RocK will come on a 26mm strap. Its price should be sub 1000 euro.

Stuckx will also make more regular looking 70’s inspired watches, but now and then they hope to surprise people with fresh concepts and designs such as the RocK.

Its creators say that its design should polarize between lovers and haters, but in fact I think that it potentially has a far broader appeal. I can see one or two influences in its genetic make-up, but it is a fresh design that is in no way derivate.

If I had a hand in its design; I would probably move the crown to 4 o’clock (which given the shape of the case) should allow for a wider and more substantial crown design that would reflect the chunkiness of the bezel.

If you would like to follow the progress of the RocK, please click the link for the STUCKX Facebook page.


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