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CITIZEN Promaster Marine Eco-Drive AQUALAND

By TLex CITIZEN has a new Aqualand and it’s quite the looker! Fantastic durability, superb functionality, and the capacity to capture the imagination of diver fans around the globe; you probably don’t need one unless you’re a real diver, but you know you want one all the same!

The new J250 Eco-Driven Aqualand from the Japanese watch brand’s Promaster Marine line offers a level of toughness and visibility that’s hard to beat at its price point and is capable of measuring depths up to 70 meters!

The latest Aqualand follows in the footsteps of a line of electronic depth gauges that date back to 1985, when Citizen launched the very first Aqualand, which incidentally was the world’s first dive watch to incorporate an electronic depth meter.

Spanning more than 30 years, Citizen has continued to build on this achievement, developing various dive watches that incorporate sensor technologies for use by professionals.

The Promaster Marine family, which epitomizes this proud history, has earnest itself a reputation as consistently being the dive watch of choice by the vast majority of divers. Forget all your Swiss brands, if you’ve ever been on a dive boat, you’ll know what I’m talking about – Promasters all round!

The new Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand watches feature a number of enhancements designed for all types of divers; from recreational to seasoned professionals. Their cutting-edge specifications have been upgraded for the highest level toughness such as the use of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon).

Large hands and markers are applied with highly luminous material to ensure excellent visibility. The unique shape of the hands makes it easier to recognize dive-time and depth, even when all the hands converge at the same position.

Different colored lume has been used on the time display and depth meters, respectively, so that it’s easier to read the information when underwater. Wide distance indexes — ranging from 0 to 40 meters - enable wearers to easily read the markers while enjoying the dynamic movement of the hands.

The shape of the case, which is inspired by a clam shell furthers the feeling of protection. It packs robust functionality in a stylish design, thoroughly safeguarding the watch’s internal mechanisms from any accidental damage.

The new ISO compliant Aqualand is available in three versions: BN-2024-05E (steel case, DLC bezel, blue hand), BN-2021-03E (steel case, steel bezel, yellow hand) and BN-2025-02E (IP case, DLC bezel, orange hand).

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