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CREPAS x C·F·V·M Tribute to BANANA 1969 update

By TLex Here's a quick update on the new BANANA Tribute watch introduced by CREPAS x C·F·V·M·, the new Spanish watch forum CRONOFORVM.

Although the new watch is being sold under the brand C·F·V·M, the CREPAS logo is now been placed on the caseback cover and crown. Another change concerns the 'Tribute to the Banana – 1969' text, which is now optional, so if isn't to your taste CREPAS can delete is for you.

Customers, who order the premium version can choose their own dial color from factory. The watch is a Limited Edition to 300 pieces, but it is my understanding that more than 1/3 are already spoken for.

Interested parties should follow the link HERE . . .

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