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moVas OCEANER [Patek of the East]

By TLex Introducing the Oceaner from moVas! Designed two and a half years ago, the Oceaner follows in the footsteps of moVas' already successful Diver, only this time the design emphasis has shifted from the rugged and utilitarian to something a little more elegant and a whole lot more refined.

If we compare moVas' first Diver with the Oceaner there is a real dichotomy between the two styles. The Diver with its rounded edges and chunky external bezel and the Oceaneer with its symmetrical design and angular case that is fitted with an internal bezel.

And it's not only the designs that have shifted, moVas are just as intent as ever on proving that Asian horolgy has far more to offer than than you might think, and not just in terms of quality (they now finish all their cases in-house) but in terms or innovation, too.

One such example was the decision to commission Sea-gull Watch Co. to modify one of their standard movements; decorating it with perlaged, and installing it with a custom black PVD and laser signed, moVas skeleton rotor.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Sea Wai, the man behind this young and progressive Singapore watch brand and got to talk at length with him about moVas' new direction. I had the opportunity to check out the latest Oceaner prototype watches, too and was very impressed with the great attention to detail and the superb quality of the case finishing.

There's a lot more info. to follow on the Oceaner, so stay tuned for that and in the meantime read my review of the moVas AG Diver, the moVas Bronze Diver and the ANITQUA 'DSS' 1953 project also from moVas . . .

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