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CLERC Hydroscaph H140 CARBON

By TLex Dive into Haute Horlogerie with the heir to a 140 year watchmaking legacy, Gérald Clerc’s newly imagined Hydroscaph Central Chronograph. Introducing the new Hydroscaph H140 Carbon Limited Edition Chronograph watch, dedicated to 140 years avant-garde technology.

Its high-tech 500 meter water-resistant case has been designed to be fully functional in depths of the ocean. It is constructed of ultra tough and highly scratch-resistant DLC-coated steel together with NTPT® carbon, a new high-tech material, entirely developed and produced in Switzerland by North Thin Ply Technology.

The ultra-light NTPT® carbon composite was initially intended for making racing-boat sails. Its properties of which it is notably twice as resistant to micro-fissures than any other composite material – account for its current use in other cutting-edge industries such as aeronautics, aerospace and F1 motor racing.

Composed of multiple ultra-thin carbon fibre layers with a maximum thickness 30 microns, NTPT® is impregnated with resin before being woven in such a way as to modify the direction of the weft by 45° between each layer. After subsequent heating, the material lends itself to machining better than any other composite.

Not only is it ideally suited to state-of-the-art technologies offering peerless rigidity, but is also particularly attractive, since the weaving process creates a unique mottled effect that gives each H140 its own distinctive character.

The Hydroscaph H140 Carbon will be issued in a 140-piece Limited Edition to mark the anniversary of the Geneva-based Maison. It is fitted with a new water-resistant carbon fiber-textured strap. It looks absolutely stunning! Stay tuned for more soon . . .

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