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SCURFA Watches Diver ONE [built for North Sea diving]

By TLex You would be forgiven for thinking that the name Scurfa is a portmanteau of 'scuba' and 'surf', however, apt as it may be, it in fact derives from Scurfa Watches, owner / founder's name, Paul Scurfield, a watch enthusiast and saturation diver.

Unwilling to risk a valuable vintage Rolex Submariner in his hostile workplace deep below the North Sea, Paul set about creating an affordable watch brand for his fellow SAT divers and support staff. A brand that offered no nonsense, no frills dive watches that were built to a high-standard and using equally high quality materials.

SAT DIVING Divers like Paul Scurfield, working in the North Sea are made up of teams of three. On any working dive there is a: Diver 1, Diver 2 and a Bellman. Diver 1 controls the dive, Diver 2 is there to support him and make his job safer and easier. The Bellman tends the divers from the diving bell.

Divers work in the water for a maximum six hours. A normal saturation diving system will house four teams of three divers covering a full 24hr working day and only stopping for bad weather or crew changes. The work period for divers is 28 days including decompression -

where divers spend long peroids of time in a Helium rich environment. A Helium Escape Valve is used to release Helium built up in the watch case, however this is a feature that the Diver One does without. Even to a seasoned SAT diver like Paul Scurfield it could be considered a little superfluous, an embellishment that and could be dispensed with if the diver were to simply unscrew his crown upon accent.


The Diver One has a 40mm in diameter 316L surgical grade Stainless steel case. It is fitted with a Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, a 7mm screwdown crown, a screwdown caseback and a unidirectional divers bezel. The watch has a water-resistance of 200m / 600ft.

The Diver one is powered by high-precision Swiss quartz Ronda Power Tech movement. Quartz was specifically chosen for the Diver One because accuracy is critical to safety when it comes to timing dive times, decompression and pressure test times - no mistakes can be made! Finally Swiss SuperLuminova has been applied to the watch’s hands and dial markers for increased viibility in poor light conditions.

The Diver One is available with either: a black silicone divers strap, a black nylon NATO or a solid steel bracelet with divers wetsuit extension. It comes in a custom Scurfa box along with some strap changing tools. Prices start from 114GBP (NATO), which includes shipping.

See the Diver One Silicone in action (above). Follow the link embedded (below) for more on Scurfa Watches . . .


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