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RALF TECH WRV ''V'' Automatic 1977 SERIES II

By TLex RALF TECH release the new WRV Automatic 1977 Series II. Dipping into the WRX gene pool for its professional inspiration and drawing upon vintage influences specifically inspired by the 1970s for its styling, the watch seamlessly blends vintage with contemporary by use of an elegantly curved cushion case that is home to a modern movement, the Swiss made RTA002® automatic caliber.

The FIRST series, which was presented by RALF TECH at BASELWORLD 2013 sold out completely just days after its launch in June! The 1977 Series II, which has a more refined style and an even more striking vintage look will be available in RALF TECH official retailers across the globe starting from December 6th 2013. Just 77 pieces available across the globe!

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