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By TLex The OKTOPUS II Moon gets inked! Q: What do you get when you combine high-end luxury watch making and state of the art timekeeping with tattoo artistry? A: Linde Werdelin’s most lavish and prestigious timepiece to date, the new Oktopus MOON Tattoo!

With such an affinity for the ocean it was no surprise that LW once again drew inspiration from it for their latest creation. Having already invented the REEF, the first functional and modern luxury diving accessory, the Oktopus Moon Tattoo with its perfect balance of contemporary art and technological innovation illustrates LW’s understanding of this medium with a suitably evocative aesthetic and complication ideal for planning your night dives!

The exquisite Oktopus Moon Tattoo dive watch with its 42,500CHF price tag has been created in an exclusive series of 59 pieces. The 59 signifies the combined sum of the two moon cycles of 29.5 days each, before the moon returns to the same point on the celestial sphere. It boasts an 18K solid rose gold case that has been intricately engraved with a hand drawn octopus and fitted with LW’s in-house moon-phase complication. The engraving has been executed at different depths to create a three dimensional effect.

The Oktopus series with its five-part case construction seals a Titanium inner cylinder for protecting the movement and the dial from water. Selective materials such as rose gold, ceramic and Titanium have been implemented to guarantee high level corrosion-resistance. The entire case surface has been sand blasted and hand satin finished. A tough black ceramic bezel seals and protects the entire case. The movement is sealed in the chamber by a Titanium DLC screwdown caseback featuring the iconic hand-drawn octopus.

The Oktopus Moon Tattoo complication displays luminous, imaginary and hand-drawn moons-phases on its dial. Each moon is drawn and printed several times and delicately inlayed inside the pierced disk one by one. As the moon moves clockwise through its monthly cycle, more of its surface is illumined. Its dial consists of multiple skeletonised layers, conveying an immediate depth to the watch. On the lower part lays the moon disk; a metallic cut out surface carrying each luminous moon.

The upper dial is skeletonised. Featuring three diamond-cut hands, it bears a beautifully engraved hand-drawn octopus in the center. All indices are deliberately luminous to enhance readability. The full moon is always indicated with a red mark visible through the lower dial. Numerals 11, 10, 9, displayed between 1 and 2 o’clock allow a more precise track of the lunar cycle.

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