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By TLex Armida have released a rather nice looking, affordable brass mechanical diver! The A8 Brass is made from solid brass. So what's the difference between bronze and brass, I hear you ask! Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has a muted yellowish gold color, only much duller.

Whereas bronze consists of primarily copper combined with tin (usually) or aluminum among other metals. It has a reddish brown color. It is used commonly in marine environments which makes it a great choice for dive watches, but brass still achieves a similar aesthetic purpose. These look good!

There are 8 different versions of the A8 Brass. Spec. includes: A Seiko NH35A automatic movement, a 2.5mm thick Sapphire crystal and 300 meters of water-resistance. The A8 Brass is priced just 349USD. Follow the link HERE for more details.

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