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RALF TECH WRX ''O'' Limited Edition HYBRID tactically bred

By TLex RALF TECH have announced a new partnership with the Commando Hubert of the French Nationale, who have requested a brand new military bred diver for their special ops teams, the WRX ''O'' Limited Edition Hybrid and the WRX ''O'' Limited Edition Hybrid Black – already in active service!

The code "O" stands for "Opérateurs" and is used to define soldiers that are in direct contact with enemy forces on operations abroad. The WRX ‘’O’’ fulfils their specific needs and is a finely honed version of the WRX ‘’A’’ Hybrid that has already been in service with the Commando Hubert since 2011.

The new watch is not only RALF TECH’s most advanced dive watch to date, but incorporates some clever mil-spec technologies as per the request of the special ‘ops forces of the Commando Hubert. It was delivered to them in late June 2013; prior to that it was tested for nearly a year in operational conditions and in real combat situations before receiving approval from the Military Command.

The “O” is characterized by a 100% non-reflective black case a prerequisite of any tactical watch. Then there’s its new dial, designed under the direction of the Commando Hubert – it is extremely easy to read no matter what the light conditions may be. Accurate time telling is made easier by the use of “batons décalés” (solid indices) instead of traditional numerals with small indices.


However one of the most important technical advancements of the ‘’O’’ is its Ceramfine® bezel made of an alloy comprising of 88% Ceramic and 12% Titanium Grade1, which has exceptional technical characteristics: it is particularly resistant to shocks while granting a minimum flexibility to torsional forces. It has also undergone an anti-glaring treatment that renders its surface totally non-reflective. Finally, a specific treatment makes it impervious to fingerprints and most aggressive compounds such as solvents, acids or petrochemicals.

The ‘’O’’ was tested in the open sea during a new series of trials dedicated to its numerous technical developments. It passed without difficulty 1000 meters of water-resistance, becoming the “deepest” RALF TECH diver to date.

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