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Sinn U200 B EMZ8 SE

By TLex Sinn have released a special edition of their U200 EMZ8 mission timer that is made from high-strength seawater-resistant, German submarine steel. The U200 B Special Edition watch has a blue dial and an all-white handset.

It is presented on a white rubber divers strap, but is also supplied with a blue and white striped NATO strap. I've never been keen on white rubber (maybe I'm just not cool), but the NATO imo, looks genius!

Diving features include: a captive divers bezel with minute ratcheting and TEGIMENT technology, Ar-Dehumidifying technology for (fog-free) enhanced functionality and reliability, and a water-resistance to a diving depth of 2000m (200 bar) as certified and tested (based on European diving equipment standards) by Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg.

The watch is only available for a limited time; if you want one you'll need to order before December 31st 2013.

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