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Pita Barcelona OCEANA Advanced Water-RESISTANCE

By TLex The oceana by Pita Barcelona is not only one of the deepest diving mechanical watches with a water-resistance up to 5000 meters, but it is also one of the most advanced and evolved. It uses two patented systems for a water-entry free case.

The Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) and Pita-RT (Remote Transmission) allow the oceana to eliminate two of its most vulnerable points, so has no crown and no caseback cover! It is powered by a Pita-003 Movement, which feature two patented systems that allow the time to be set underwater!

The oceana is available in Grade5 Titanium (TiAl6V4), which is 45% lighter than Stainless steel. An optional Black DLC coating is available. Its modular case which measures 43mm in diameter by 21mm (18mm 2000m) thick is fitted with an 8.2mm thick rounded polycarbonate crystal.

There isn't a seal joint between the crystal and the case, which means it is maintenance-free. The oceana is characterized by a star-shaped second hand that features a chromatic depth meter (colors disappear the deeper you go). It is fitted with 120 click inverted divers bezel. An assortment of customisable bezels, dials, hands, straps and buckles are also available to choose from.

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