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H2O Orca MONO OceanicTime SE

By TLex The H2O Orca MONO OceanicTime SE is close to completion! These are the first samples of the watch's DLC coated case and components.

The watch's inner and outer case, caseback, crown, screws and bracelet have all been individually coated.

The DLC coating is being carried out in Germany. H2O Watches have tested more numerous DLC coating companies in Germany and found who they believe to be the very best that there is.

Not only does the DLC coating have lovely deep black color, but also has an exceptionally high degree hardness. I will have more details on exactly how hard the coating will later on.

Every single Orca MONO OceanicTime SE will be hand assembled after DLC coating in Switzerland. Just 20 pcs will be produced.

Basic spec. includes a water-resistance of 2000m as well as 4mm 'super' dome Sapphire crystal. I will reveal more on some of the watch's special features along with pictures of the assembled prototype watch. Stay tuned . . .

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