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By TLex Artisan watchmaker extraordinaire, Vintage-VDB proudly present the PreV Titan prototype watch!

It's case which is constructed from solid Titanium measures 53mm x 56mm with a thickness of 20mm - not a watch for wimps! However Titanium will make the ride on the wrist considerably more comfortable than the say the bronze edition.

As well as being lightweight and highly corrosion resistant to saltwater, Titanium is also hypoallergenic. It is even said to have some healing properties! This might be a useful titbit to tell the wife when you order your next Ti diver. ''I bought it for medicinal purposes! ;)

Further features of this fine watch include: a hand-painted dial, an anti-reflective domed plexi glass acrylic crystal and a vintage Rolex 1570 GMT caliber.

For further details follow the link embedded below. Also CHECK out Vintage-VDB's first ever Chronograph!

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