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SINN T1 & T2

By TLex Sinn have introduced two very nice looking new divers models at Baselworld. The T1 and T2 are constructed from high-strength bead-blast finished Titanium. The cases have been tested and certified by Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg to a diving depth of 1000m, the equivalent 100bar of pressure.

Titanium is always a good choice for a diver. Not only is it exceptionally light-weight and strong, but is also highly corrosion resistant to seawater. On top of this it is also hypoallergenic, so offers a good degree of comfort on the skin.

One of the drawbacks or Titanium, though is that can get 'dinged' a little too easily. It's true that lights scratches swirls can actually heal themselves as Titanium oxidizes, but it doesn't seem to take knocks quite as well as steel does.

Sinn have addressed this problem by incorporating their scratch resistant TEGIMENT technology into the T1 and T2's 'Captive Safety' divers bezels with their patented guards, designed to prevent any accidental adjustment of dive-time.

The T1 and T2 models are distinguished by size alone. The T1 measures 45mm in diameter, the T2 just 41mm; mens and boys or his and hers versions if you will. Apart from the obvious new barrel shaped case design and the softer rounder feel of the watch with its corn-dog style hour markers, Sinn have for the first time used an arrow-shaped minute hand on one of their divers watches.

This makes reading of the time especially easy thanks to the difference in shape compared to the hour hand. To ensure optimum viewing in the darkness or low-lighting conditions, the T1 and T2 also feature different colored luminous paint for their minute hands and key marks on the bezel.

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