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ORIS Aquis Depth GAUGE 2ndLook

By TLex Time for a 2nd look at Oris' new compact, high-quality timing and depth measuring instrument, the Aquis Depth Gauge, which makes use of a simple yet ingenious method for measuring depth thanks to the Boyle-Mariotte Law . . .

Oris product engineers were the first to apply the Boyle-Mariotte Law into the crystal of a watch by milling a small channel into the side of a Sapphire crystal. This channel runs anti-clockwise round the crystal, stopping between one and two o'clock. At 12 o'clock, an inlet leads to this channel.

The special Sapphire crystal is about 50% thicker than an average watch crystal. It is domed and treated with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. Oris patented this invention in 2012.

Oris have used a proven diver case from the Aquis COLLECTION and combined it with the newly invented Sapphire crystal. The join between the crystal and the case is sealed by a Zytel® gasket. Despite the milled channel the Aquis Depth Gauge is water-resistant to 50 bar/500m, thus providing the highest protection to the movement.

When descending with the Aquis Depth Gauge, water enters into the milled channel through the inlet at 12 o’clock of the Sapphire crystal. The increasing water pressure compresses the air inside the channel.

The water causes the color of the channel to become dark grey. The edge between dark grey (water) and light grey (compressed air) marks the depth on the yellow meter scale on the inside of the Sapphire crystal. To enhance readability the Sapphire crystal has been treated with a non-reflective coating on both sides.

The unidirectional rotational divers bezel is fitted with a black ceramic inlay that has been engraved with a 60 minute dive-time scale, with individual minute lines from zero to fifteen.

White Super-LumiNova® has been applied to the hands and indices, giving them not only excellent visibility underwater, but also insuring long lasting luminosities as white is one of the most luminous Super-LumiNova® colors. The high contrast of the yellow meter scale printed on the inside of the Sapphire crystal helps emphasize a well-balanced technical look.

To prevent the crown from being accidentally interfered with, Oris have firstly designed it as a regular scewdown-type (nothing special there TBH) and then embedded Stainless steel crown guards into the case-side to further protect it.

The Aquis Depth Gauge features a solid Stainless steel case back that has been engraved with a 'meter to feet' conversion scale that allows for quick calculation by divers working in countries where both metric and imperial measurements are used. The conversion scale goes up to 100m/325 ft.

The folding divers clasp on the rubber strap allows a quick and easy size adjustment. When putting the wetsuit on, the rubber strap can be easily widened.

Simple yet effective - Oris have incorporated an anchor into the end of the watch's rubber divers strap. The rubber anchor is an additional safety feature designed to prevent the watch from falling off the wrist.

Of the many innovations that Oris have incorporated into the Aquis Depth Gauge is a specialist professional divers clasp with a ‘Sliding Sledge’ that allows the strap to be easily and rapidly adjusted.

The ‘sliding sledge’ can be speedily adjusted without having to open the clasp; guaranteeing a perfect fit when submerged underwater as the pressure decompress the wetsuit to make it less voluminous.

The watch comes in a Pelican-type waterproof case. Included is a replacement metal bracelet, a set of tools for strap changes and a certificate containing full details of pertaining to the Aquis Depth Gauge.

Also included is a specially configured Sapphire crystal cleaning device for ambitious divers, so that the channel can be cleared of any unwanted debris or buildup from saltwater.

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  1. Really nice watch. Oris makes great dive and other watches at affordable prices.