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Minuteman by The CGA COMPANY

By TLex A new watch company is set to enter the market with a high-quality watch assembled in the United States. The 'Minuteman' is a produced by the CGA Company, who have a well established reputation for offering quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

The company's President, Thomas Carey states that it was his desire to provide a high-quality product while offering employment opportunities for Americans as well as support for organizations that are dedicated to helping veterans in need.

In order to achieve these lofty goals, the CGA Company will use high-quality watch components, many of them custom designed, and have them assembled in Ohio in the USA. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of each of the watches will be donated to various carefully selected charities that focus on providing assistance to needy veterans of the United States armed services.

The Minuteman watch is a simple military-style field watch powered by a three hands Swiss Quartz module. It has a water-resistance of 200m. At this stage there are six or seven variants: some with steel cases and some with IP treatment.

Please follow the link HERE to follow the progress of 'Minuteman' on their Facebook page or follow the CGA logo below for further details on pricing and pre-orders . . .

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