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ANITQUA 'DSS' 1953 Prototype

By TLex There's another player with a Rolex DSS (deep sea special) homage watch! Here are some spy shots of the first model from ANTIQUA, a new label (coming soon) from moVas. Unlike the HELBERG CH1, which takes its design cues from the 1960 version of the DSS, the one that made its famous decent to the bottom of the Marian Trench, -

the ANTIQUA DSS 1953 is a homage of the first DSS experimental watch built by Rolex in 1953 - hence the name DSS 1953. That watch was initially ocean tested by Rolex to a depth 1,080 meters, approximately 3,543 feet and then to 3,150 meters approximately 10,334 feet - and as such the ANTIQUA DSS 1953 will have a water-resistance of 3,150M.

Shown here is an early prototype of the DSS 1953; lots of changes are planned for the case. To start with it's too narrow on the sides by around 4mm, the lugs should also be extend downwards a little further, so that the watch sits closer to the wrist. The finishing isn't correct either. The finished models will have properly beveled edges.

The crown tube should be installed with a hex key, it is also missing the huge O-ring that the original version had with its protruding crown tube. At the moment it's flush into the case which is not accurate. The bezel should also be raised so that it is a little more prominent.

ANTIQUA are experimenting with the dial printing, but will create dials as per original watch with the lumed dots raised in a dome shape, with an ultra-thin black outline before and a gold outline. The gold design will be printed first, and then the black printed around it, to create the illusion of  the text 'coming through'.

Two versions of the case are planned. The original watch had a lug to lug measurement of around 60+mm, which is unwearable, so a shorter version with a 48mm lug to lug will be made available. This will be supplied with a leather or rubber strap, the other version will come on a spring-loaded Rolex-style Oyster bracelet. There will also be an option for either a Sapphire or hardened mineral crystal.

That's it for now! Stay tuned to OceanicTime, where we will closely follow and chronicle the development of the ANTIQUA DSS 1953 . . .

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