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Kraftworxs DEEPER & neoluxs® ILLUMINATION

By TLex Introducing KRAFTWORXS a new watch brand from watchmaking pioneer, Anton Kraft, a man who dreamt of a material that would have natural luminosity and that could be colored and formed according to his specific designs.

In 2011, he found the solution in a new material called neoluxs® and in turn started a small revolution with Kraftworxs. In contrast to other watches, which are either not illuminated for long enough or use poisonous or radioactive elements -

neoluxs® in its crystalline structure, stores light in an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous way staying bright and naturally illuminated all night long.

Light is released over a period of hours with a brightness, duration, and color that has apparently not been achieved until now. There are some comparison lume shots on their website, which are pretty impressive.

Kraftworxs have performed tests under controlled conditions using identical charging times and light sources, which they say support their claims of incredible luminosity.

I couldn’t tell you if neoluxs® is Kraftworxs’ proprietary technology or not, but luminosity is a highly valued attribute in dive watch, so I am intrigued and keen to see the this technology for myself.

Kraftworxs’ have two divers models, the Deeper 200 and the oil filled Deeper 1000 made as a joint venture with "Deeper". These special timepieces are "Swiss made" and manufactured exclusively for Kraftworxs.

Their timepieces could be best described as economy fashion watches. Whilst their designs are a little toyish there is plenty of potential for them to move forward with their illumination system and perhaps even apply to or license it out for use in more higher end dive watches?

Specifications include: a 45mm Stainless steel case, a PU divers strap with Stainless steel buckle, a water resistance 1000m or 200m, a Swiss Quartz caliber with a battery life of 3 years (200m = 10yrs) and a Sapphire crystal.

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