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HUBLOT Oceanographic 4000 CARIBBEAN

By TLex Hublot pays tribute to the beauty of the Caribbean Islands by unveiling a Special Edition of their over-designed, over-engineered, 4000 meter 'super watch'. The Oceanographic 4000 Caribbean has been highlighted with touches of blue turquoise on its dial and hand-stitched alligator strap.

Just eight Caribbean Island nations have their own numbered watches, which feature an engraved map outline of the island / islands in blue along with its name. Those islands are: Aruba 15 pieces, Barbados10 pieces, Caïmans10 pieces, Cozume 10 pieces, Curaçao 5 pieces, Nassau 20 pieces, Puerto Rico 5 pieces, St Maarten 15 pieces and St Thomas 15 pieces.

Of the (currently) eight iterations of the Oceanographic 4000, which include: the Carbon, Only Watch, All Black Blue, Alinghi, Gold White, King Gold and Denim - I like this one best. Something about the blue, just works for me! See how the Oceanographic 4000 was tested for its incredible water-resistance.

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