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By TLex A collaborative effort between L'ÉCURIE, the creative design brand founded by Jeremy and Patrice Taltaud Meignan and Franco-Swiss Dive Watch Company and supplier to the French Navy's Special Forces, RALF TECH. The 33 piece Limited Edition of the WRX 'Hybrid' Black is available only from COLETTE priced 2'450euro.

Of the special features peculiar to the WRX Hybrid L'ÉCURIE is a textured tri-zone dial with blue hour markers in SuperLuminovaR C3. The dial's design incorporates the L'ÉCURIE logo.

The caseback, too makes use of the L'ÉCURIE brand's distinctive logo. The watch is presented on a handmade in France, padded saddle leather strap with double keepers, one in blue in keeping with the theme of the watch. It is also supplied with a black nylon NATO strap along with a strap changing tool.

Below is an earlier version of the watch with the actual logo placed on the dial. I actually like this version better. It looks much cleaner.

Also discover the RALF TECH WRX ''A'' Automatic DLC, as used by the French Special Forces' 'Commando Hubert and read my review of the RALF TECH WRX ''A'' HYBRID . . .


  1. I would never pay more then 200 euro for this watch.

  2. I concur. Sexy as hell... but way WAY overpriced.

  3. nothing sexy about this one:
    * bezel are not centered
    * lume painted sloppy with overruns
    * ... and quite busy dial without any structure/pattern/meaning - just a lot of stuff