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XICORR Circle 'Garda' DIVER

By TLex Established in 2011, Xicorr is a new Polish watch company focusing on affordable mechanical watches. Their first sports model, the Xicorr Circle is characterized by its 42mm round brushed Stainless steel case with its 12 recessed bezel screws. Its lugs continue with the round theme, they are also downwardly curving.

The Circle has a very attractive minimalist aesthetic. Its dial in particular is clean and simple. It features Xicorr's signature circular hour markers and hour hand, working in combination with a rounded baton shaped minute hand and sweep second hand, again with a circular pointer.

The basic Xicorr Circle is not a dive watch. It has just 150m of water-resistance. However a new partnership with Polish technical diver, Darek Wilamowski, who has over 20 years of diving experience will see Xicorr produce a special Limited Edition Circle watch with an increased water-resistance and (possibly) a Helium escape valve, too.

The XICORR Circle 'Garda' LE will have 300 meters of water-resistance, which will be displayed on its dial (above the ‘automatic’ text) and its caseback along with an outline of the Italian lake from which the watch takes its name. Darek plans to smash the world record by diving down to 300meters beneath Lake Garda. He will be equipped with a Xicorr Circle, which he has been dive testing.

Diving is one Darek's passions in life, the other is watches. When he heard about Xicorr and their watches he really liked what he saw so arranged a meeting with them. The first meeting was very interesting for both parties. Darek had a chance to see the Circle watches in person and Xicorr found out about their fellow countryman's diving accomplishments, which include some extraordinarily deep dives:

Lake Garda, 2009 - 216m

Lake Garda, 2019 - 245m - Polish record

Lake Garda, 2010 - 211m

Lake Garda, 2011 - 264m - Polish record + world record for the deepest lake dive

Dahab, Egypt, 2011 - 200m

Dahab, Egypt, 2011 - 220m

In 2013 Xicorr plan to release what they describe as a 'real' diver. The watch which is still in the design phase has been designed under the guidance of Darek. Its case will measure 52mm diameter and will be water-resistant to 1000 meters. It will also feature Xicorr's 12 signature bezel screws.

For further details of Xicorr follow their logo below and as always stay tuned for more soon . . .