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TechnoMarine LOCKER collection

From TM In the grey workday blur, Locker is your defining characteristic, revealing your true self with a provocative touch of colour, in a range that fits each personality and gender.

You're different, an individual, a step ahead of the rest.

The name Locker comes straight from the famous beaches in St-Tropez, TechnoMarine’s birthplace. Its distinctive woven strap hints at the colourful bracelet /key straps worn by all beach visitors to safely hang their locker or private changing room key before indulging in a moment of sheer bliss.

As such the Locker watch is the ultimate symbol of freedom and “unlocked” mind.

Pick the woven canvas strap for a smart after-work drink or the silicone strap for an active afternoon filled with water sports. You can choose and change your mind anytime!

Locker is a state of mind - a watch that daringly challenges the norm. You’re not just another corporate clone; you’re special, because you have a heightened appreciation of life - more intense, more exciting and more enjoyable.

Locker is the bold, new watch that defies conformity. It is exclusive, distinctive, and confident about being original - just like you - because life is always better in colour!