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LINDE WERDELIN Oktopus II - Double Date Titanium BLUE + REEF

By TLex The new LINDE WERDELIN Oktopus II - Double Date Titanium BLUE is fully compatible with their diving instrument, reef, seen here in a new blue finish. Find out more about the reef below . . .

From LW The Reef, the world's most sophisticated dive computer. The Reef, our Dive Instrument, has been meticulously developed in-house in conjunction with professional divers. It is designed with style and superb quality in mind. The Reef is the first dive computer that boasts a 55mm transflective LCD colour screen made of sapphire crystal glass, second only to diamond in hardness ensuring scratch resistance. The transflective technology offers exceptional legibility underwater responding automatically to the environment and the conditions both on land and under water giving a first class display even in the most awkward of light situations.

This high precision digital instrument has powerful processors to enable data access and loading in an instance delivering superior performance. Its proprietary software is upgradeable which allows future updates and function add-ons without replacing the hardware. The 4-button system and menu-based user interface make this technically advanced instrument very easy to use.

The Reef effortlessly and securely attaches on top of a Linde Werdelin watch when desired, but can also be used independently. The Reef is available in 3 colours: Natural, Black, and Yellow. A Velcro strap (for use in the absence of a Linde Werdelin watch), computer software interface for your dive logs, and a USB charger are included.