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Jorn Werdelin onDIVING

By TLex Jorn Werdelin talks about his personal experiences as a diver; whilst he remains somewhat philosophical about diving, Jorn is always equipped with his hi-tech diving instrument, the REEF itself attached to an LW timepiece such as the Oktopus MOONPHASE or new Oktopus II DOUBLE DATE (bottom).

By Jorn Best enjoyed in the summer and in warm waters near the equator diving is an activity that I find immensely pleasurable. Filled with adventure and the beautiful aesthetics of the deep sea, probably one nature's most fascinating of extremes.

When I immerse myself in a dive, it allows me to leave the world behind and just focus or enjoy the moment, and when I come up I feel incredibly satisfied.

Unlike many other sports, diving for me is a personal challenge that involves no competitive element against other people. I take the most pleasure when I am with others but it is always a very personal experience.

Diving is a very sociable sport, it is most fun when it is surrounded by other holiday activities such as lunch, dinner, a great location, hotel and being with friends or family. Enabling ourselves to create and pursue these great moments in life is what gives meaning to Linde Werdelin . . .