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ENNEBI Fondale BRONZO Ref.9680

By TLex Gnomon Watches, who are an online authorized dealership of ENNEBI have a 24 piece Limited Edition of the new ENNEBI Fondale BRONZO Ref. 9680. The watch is based on the 1000m Titanium Fondale, itself based upon a Panerai prototype watch from the 1980s . . .

that ENNEBI co-founders Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri, who were part of the engineering team who had originally designed it for the Italian Navy. Apart from its solid bronze case construction, the BRONZO is now fitted with a new domed Sapphire crystal along with lovely aesthetic feature, a Gold Palladium medal, which has been inlay'd into the crown.

I speak from personal experience, when I say the Fondale BRONZO is a truly fantastic watch. Read my REVIEW of the Titanium 9680 and see live pictures of my beautiful Fondale BRONZO #P04. To find out more about this incredible historic Italian brand follow the ENNEBI icon at the bottom of the post. Discover the Fondale BRONZO and the current ENNEBI collection at Gnomon Watches . . .

From ENNEBI Ennebi has introduced the Bronzo Collection. Strictly limited to only 24 pieces. Ennebi has used the latest engineering tecniques to combine the authenticity of vintage timepieces with the legibility principles of a diving instrument, all in a single wristwatch.

The Ennebi Fondale's history can be traced back to the 1980s. In 1985, Officine Panerai(Pre-Vendome) created a few prototyped professional diver and presented it to the attack divers of the Italian navy for evaluation.

Among the 2 prototypes developed, the Fondale as we see here was born. Although the Fondale performed remarkably well, meeting and exceeding every requirement by the Italian Navy, the Fondale was never produced due to insufficient order. Almost 20 years down the road, the two men from original team of Pre-Vendome engineers who engineered the 2 prototypes, Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri set up Ennebi and brought the Fondale back to life.

The Fondale is powered by a Swiss Made ETA2824-2 automatic movement. The utilitarian dial means that time reading is optimal under any conditions. The big indices and hands are a must for diving expeditions. Unique black dial is handmade. Each index and numbers are engraved and filled with luminous for optimal glow. Each and every single dial is different. Buying an Ennebi Fondale with an engraved dial is akin to buying a piece of art. They might not be perfect at times. But it adds to the overall charisma and uniqueness of the watch. A charm that no other watch can match.

The massive 47mm bronze case is are made from bronze bars by several processes of machining and dimensional controls. A domed sapphire crystal tops it. The bronze bezel is bidirectional rotatable with 2.5 minute steps. The bezel employs a special self lockable system. Bezel can be easily removed without altering watch water-tightness.

The bezel has a 750 kt gold index. All of these are engineered for 1000 meters water resistance. The unique stainless steel caseback is fastened by 6 special screws. And finally, the straps are fixed onto the case with extra thick screw-in lug bars. Over engineered is the only way to describe the Fondale.

The bronze case back has the Italian flag engraved and filled with enamel. The crown is made from bronze and on the crown there is a gold Palladium medal.

The Ennebi Fondale comes with not one but three Italian handmade leather strap attached to the Ennebi 5 piece buckle made from bronze. And of course the necessary tool is provided as well for those strap changing needs. All boxed in premium Ennebi signed wooden box.

All Ennebi instruments come with a 2 years international Ennebi warranty.