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By TLex When HUBLOT tested the Oceanographic 4000 they used a state of the art pressure testing tank, the Swiss made Roxer RXF 500, which can test up to 500 bar, the equivalent of 5'000 meters of water-resistance.

In order to meet the exacting specifications of the NIHS international standards of Swiss watchmaking and to be properly described as a dive watch with a 4'000m depth rating, the Oceanographic was submerged and pressurized to 5'000 meters, an additional 25% of its stated water-resistance.

To ensure the water-tightness of the watch and resist such extreme pressure, a 6.5mm thick synthetic sapphire crystal was used. Much thicker than normal, but of a fairly reasonable thickness given its level of resistance.

The case back of the Oceanographic is screw-down, a sine qua non for reaching such depths. It is constructed of Grade 2 Titanium, an extremely strong stainless material. The watch is fitted with two screw-down crowns, a protective measure that helps ensure water-resistance by compression of an O-ring seal.

Since its release in 2011 HUBLOT have released a further five versions of the Oceanographic 4000. Discover the Oceanographic 4000: Carbon, Only Watch, All Black Blue, Alinghi and the Gold White. Yet to be officially released is the Oceanographic 1000.